Sir Isaac Zooms in…!

Starting on November 22, 2021 19:00
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Presented by David Hall

An unmatchable opportunity to meet one of Britain’s Greatest Geniuses  -  Live!

We are thrilled to announce that the Geniuses at TechFest Aberdeen have achieved the impossible:  installing WebCams in the 17th Century..!

As a result, we are proud and delighted to invite you meet, live from the 17th Century, the great Sir Isaac Newton himself. 

In this inspiring, interactive lecture - fabulous fun and packed with science - Britain’s Greatest Genius will share many of his astounding discoveries and inventions: Marvel at his amazing maths, gasp at gravity, feel moved by forces and motion and ready yourselves for revolutionary revelations on refraction, rainbows and his reflecting telescope.

Join us for this incredible, interactive event, as the great Sir Isaac Newton Zooms in…!

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