STEM in the Installation

STEM in the Installation


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Supported by CNOOC International, STEM in the Installation is a fantastic project that is split into four separate phases to target the full range of school pupils. Through STEM in the Installation pupils as young as three years old have the opportunity to begin developing the transferable skills that will help equip them with all the tools they will require for success. As these pupil’s progress through the school system, they will have the opportunity to further their learning and partake in a STEM in the Installation project at each key phase of their development.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surrounding Covid 19 we are unable to run these events in person this year. However, TechFest is delighted to announce we will be running a Touring Programme for Phases 1 & 2 and a fully digital version of Phase 4.


Phase 1: Early Years and Lower Primary School Programme

Ages: 3-7 years                      Duration: ½ day session

Inspired by the Golden Eagle, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety and learn how to make their school and home environment safer. This workshop is an early skills builder, setting participants up for success and setting the tone of STEM in the Installation from the outset.


Phase 2: Upper Primary School Programme

Ages: 8-11 years                    Duration: ½ day session

Continuing on from the workshop experienced in the lower stages at Primary School, this session explores the engineering, science and technology involved in the installation of North Sea assets. Core transferable skills such as problem solving, collaboration, team work, evaluation and improvement will encourage students to develop decision making skills which are bold and innovative.


Phase 1 & 2 Touring Programme 

Our touring workshops are designed for you and your class to take part in at a time that suits you, we send you the resource and then virtually visit you when you have completed it to hear about your results.

Invite TechFest into your classroom and immerse yourself in the mysterious mechanics of energy! This workshop is suitable for P1 – P7. At time of booking let us know the age range of your class and we will send you the appropriate resources.

We all use energy in our daily lives. Every time we turn on a light switch, get into a car, or even just get out of bed – it’s all energy! But how can we harness different sources of energy in order to meet our global energy demand? Together, we will investigate different types of energy and explore how they are used. What’s more, our friends at CNOOC International challenge you to use the energy of the wind by designing your very own wind turbines – who will be able to create the best design?!

For P4-P7, students will be tasked with designing two different types of wind turbines and will take part in an experiment to see which design is better in terms of function and structure (all templates and information will be available to download). Pre-recorded video footage and teacher resources will be provided so the main activity in this workshop can be completed at your leisure, prior to a live visit from one of the TechFest team who will be delighted to join you in the classroom and discuss the results of the student's activity, as well as answering any questions.

If you wish to book a Touring Workshop please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phase 3: Lower Secondary School Programme

Ages: 11-14 years                                   Duration: 1 day

This one-day event has numerous engaging and interactive challenges inspired by the subsea installation of the Golden Eagle project. The highlight of the day is the afternoon challenge where the students are challenged to design and build their own asset.


Phase 4: Upper Secondary School Programme

Ages: 16-18 years                                   Duration: 3 months

Inspired by CNOOC Internationals Buzzard Platform, students are challenged to develop a proposal to install and connect an offshore wind farm to the facility, which will generate power for the installation and reduce the amount of gas import required to provide electricity.

This is a project for teams of S6 pupils (max of 6 pupils per team). It is a three-month project that this year will again be entirely digital. In addition, TechFest is excited to announce that this project has undergone an extensive revamp. The project now focusses on how the Energy Industry is transitioning to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible, as part of the global movement towards net zero.    


If you wish to register a team for 2022 please fill in an online form here.

For more information please contact Jenny Taylor atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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