• From September 05, 2022 until December 16, 2022
    Imagine a Highstreet where buying your favorite products leads to more nature, not less, where natural wealth is celebrated and economy thrives, where the air you breath is pure and fresh, and birdsong no longer competes with traffic. For the Blueprint Challenge: A Future Highstreet project, TechFest, supported by Bluewater, challenges S5/S6 students to redesign a local Highstreet and create a space that allows society to thrive whilst simultaneously celebrating the natural world.
  • From August 29, 2022 until December 09, 2022
    At 200G King St, Aberdeen AB24 5BH, UK Categories: STEM, STEM in the Pipeline
    STEM in the Pipeline – Energising the Transition is returning in its original format for 2022!
  • From July 14, 2022 until August 11, 2022
    At 200G King St, Aberdeen AB24 5BH, UK Categories: Outreach, STEM
    The aim of Sociable Science is to engage all ages in science activities that are done in conversation utilising teamwork, creativity and most of all fun while learning.
  • From May 01, 2022 until November 14, 2022
    At Categories: STEM
    STEM Next - an Essay Competition returns this May! The competition is open to all 16 - 18 years old across the UK.
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