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With faster technological advancements and the continued rise of the digital age, many employers are looking for candidates with a passion for innovation. 

TechFest’s ‘STEM into Innovation’, supported by the NCR Foundationtakes students on an exploration into product design and development, while putting their STEM skills to the test!  

STEM into Innovation: Pioneers of Progress focuses on the history, present and the future of instant communication as we explore the remarkable evolution of the devices of instant communication. From the early days of clunky landlines tethered to walls, to brain implants that allow us to talk to each other. 

The programme will be taught through video content with follow up challenges that can be run in class within your own timeframe. Student’s maths, writing, designing, teamworking and marketing skills will be challenged. 

This project has been designed to be delivered by teachers of any subject. CPD training sessions and remote support will be provided to all teachers.


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STEM into Innovation: Pioneers of Progress

Available for the entire academic year of 2024

Age Range: aimed at S1 - S2  

Run Time: activities flexible to suit from 15 minutes – 1 hour

Number of activities: 3 video episodes (including 15 modular activities)

CfE links: 
LIT 3-04a, LIT 4-04a, LIT 3-07a, LIT 4-07a, MNU 3-03a, MNU 4-03a, MNU 3-10a, MNU 4-10b, MNU 3-20a, SCN 3-20b, SCN 4-20a, SCN 4-20b, TCH 3-05a, TCH 4-05a, TCH 3-07a, TCH 3-08a

Cost to take part: free!   

Register now! 

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The CREST Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people. CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. 

STEM into Innovation: Pioneers of Progress can be put towards achieving a CREST Discovery Award. Find out more about how you could use these activities to gain a CREST Award here


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Registered teachers will receive: A Teacher Planning Resource that explains the rationale behind the project, Activity & Answer booklet, 3 Videos to accompany the activities, PP presentation with project information that you can use.


For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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