Maths into Finance



Giving S2 pupils an insight into applying Maths in real life



Maths into Finance is a one-day event designed and delivered by TechFest to give S2 pupils an insight into how mathematics can be applied to real-life situations. The events provide an opportunity for students to engage with finance industry professionals and use the maths they learn in school to solve the type of problems tackled daily by professionals providing an insight into the world of work and building  financial skills for life.


TechFest aims to establish a strong platform for careers and life skills for secondary school-aged pupils across Scotland. Within our schools there is a need to support Maths teachers with practical applications and cross curricular learning. The aim for Scotland’s young people is to mature into a financially literate society and programmes such as Maths into Finance support their financial education as well as offering a greater understanding of the career options available within one of Scotland’s largest industries.

The session involves three workshops that have been designed to encourage teamwork and introduce the pupils to mathematical modelling. The day starts with an ice breaker challenge, identifying the difference between wanting and needing, an important part of personal money management. The remainder of the workshops have been designed to establish important links to learning with real data being used throughout to add authenticity. The afternoon Business Challenge is the highlight of the day and time to test skills established and developed throughout the earlier sessions. With a deadline to meet and critical choices to be made this problem requires accuracy and teamwork.

Covering mortgages, tax, payslips, budgets, protection and risk, debt, saving, and careers in finance, the workshops encourage the young people to be creative, to communicate with each other, and to consider the importance of financial literacy and confidence in a range of real-life and interactive scenarios.

TechFest is currently working to translate this programme to a digital offering to allow us to work across Scotland with this programme as well as our in person model.  We are also excited to explore links with the Higher Applications of Maths course. For more information please do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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