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STEM Pipeline


We are delighted that STEM in the Pipeline – Energising the Transition is returning in its original format for 2021!


STEM in the Pipeline is one of TechFest’s key events across our annual programme. This event is aimed at secondary school pupils aged 17-18 and was devised to give them an insight into the Energy Industry. The STEM in the Pipeline project was developed in 2006 by TechFest in conjunction with industry professionals and, after more than 10 years, is still hugely successful. The project runs from September to December and was designed to enable teams of pupils (max. of 6 pupils per team) to apply their knowledge of school subjects to a realistic industry project, as well as providing an overview of the wide variety of job roles available in the Energy Industry. The project set is a challenging one – to produce a Field Development Plan. 

Each part of the process allows the students to advance their knowledge of STEM subjects but also encourages them to develop their transferable skills, both as an individual and as part of a team. STEM in the Pipeline requires an interdisciplinary approach and as such is relevant across a diverse range of skill sets. By engaging in career exploration, students will become more aware of the different job roles involved in the Energy Industry, which will hopefully help them make informed choices about their education and lives after school.  

STEM in the Pipeline begins with an Introduction Day event, where the students are provided with all the information and tools necessary to take on this ambitious project. This will most likely be a digital event which will be hosted and co-ordinated by TechFest. Following on from the Introduction Day, there is several weeks of independent research as the teams work through the Task Book and begin the process of putting together their field development plan. Throughout the duration of the project, each team receives help from an industry professional, acting as a mentor, who can provide advice and support. The final stage of this project is a Presentation Day and where the teams present their completed project to a panel of assessors. All the teams receive feedback and prizes are awarded to the winning teams.


SiP Presentation Day 2016 Fotor 


Every year the STEM in the Pipeline project receives exceptionally positive feedback from students, teachers and the industry professionals. It is a brilliant opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have learned in school to a real-life situation. As well as being academically challenging the project requires skilful project management, communication and teamwork, and is a great introduction to university level projects or for entering the work force. However, it is the one-to-one guidance and advice that the students receive from their industry mentor that really makes this project so successful and an incredibly valuable experience for all involved. 


If you wish to register a team please fill out an online form here.

For more information please email Jenny Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We would like to take this opportunity and thank our wonderful sponsors who made this project happen


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